Sugar smile

Miles and miles of smiles,

And yet, a yet comes;

Don’t you think again twice,

It’s not you who I touch,

It is the smell I just breathed out,

The sweat my tongue imagined.

Smile again and again but see,

No sugars are returned to me,

Red eyes too are left unanswered,

Unattended, unheard, ignored.

No way there is to sleep silently.


The vast sky once told me, ‘I am out of everybody’s reach. None can ever catch me.

‘I am pompous because I am larger than your eyes go..

‘None can catch me, because I am not on a run.

‘I am still, even when the sun blazes through me, 

‘The heat passes, but I never stays, I do not let myself burn,

‘You want to touch these clouds?

‘They go, where I go; to every place that is unaffected by other’s emotions,

‘Your envious lust can be fulfilled, you can yourself become the sky,

‘What others say, let it pass through you, let the light glow your cheeks, but never do let the anger and fire reside in you.

‘Be a medium, and gain in the process’

The wall 

The wall in front of my eyes, 

Has no polka dots, 

No cheerful paint, 

No meaningful art. 

It stands still, 

Hard and erect,

Plain and homely. 

Something my heart can’t be. 

The wall has no holes, 

But my ruddy heart has,

So much has leaked, 

So many emotions, 

Yet I ask and pretend, 

If anybody did hear. 

My wings flutter to tell you, 

My eyes are watery, 

In fear of being, 


Free Bird

Yes, I wish to be a bird, 

A free bird. 

Free of not just the cage, 

Free of being caged. 
I wish freedom, not just to fly, 

I wish to be, 

Free to choose, 

Free to choose to fly, 

Or to choose to sit down. 
I want freedom to choose, 

To be a mother, 

Showering care and warmth to my little eggs, 

Or to be a father, 

Bravely flying to high skies and deep grounds for their food. 
I want freedom to choose, 

Being active or idle. 

Being responsible or independent. 
I want freedom to choose, 

Flying in the same sky, 

Or to dream of more colourful skies.
I want freedom of walking alone, 

Of ignoring taboo questions of my flock,

To fly and rest on my insight, 

To live life like the flow of wind, 

And not of obvious unconscious cycles of karma. 



I confess.

I have been lying.

Don’t know for how long;


The good news is,

I am no more lying to myself.

I am lying to her.


I confess.

I am lying to her,

False future promises?

May be!

I don’t know what the future might get.


If it does things in my favour,


May be!

It will anyhow break me.

But, oh!

I am not a six year old.

She remembers this,

I guess I have forgotten.

Pity on me.

I am not the same.

I am not ideal.

I have been lying,

Don’t know for how long.

Cooking and cleaning,

She knows I can’t.

But she doesn’t give up,

On me,

She teaches me.

But, oh!

I am not learning it.

I can’t.

I have been lying,

But not to myself;

To her.

I am guilty I know,

I couldn’t become what I ought to have;

What the daily soaps show.

Pity on me.

I am not the same.

I am not ideal.

I have been lying,

Don’t know for how long.


What courage need I?

If you fall first and call me,

If you announce, to the world

Of your underlying feelings,

Of your beating heart,

That calls my name.

What courage need I?

If no failure is foreseen,

In our alliance;
But let me clear one point,

I shall deny all love I mistake,

If I find no respect,

For me or for you,

In each others heart.
And so shall the love remain,

Void even of the title love.


You do nothing, we say;

You only eat that we cook,

Only wear what we wash.

We are the new feminists,

We love our girls,

But we don’t find any use for you.

You and we are not equals anymore,

You have all fallen behind,

For we are now open winged birds,

With a heavy backpack of responsibilities.

We empower ourselves,

When we learn driving,

And sadly avoid cleaning;

We share your financial responsibility,

For we pronounce ourselves independent,

And besides struggle to keep,

The old domestic chores intact.

Sadly, yes sadly, we sing songs of freedom,

And strength, by weakening ourselves again;

In stress we dive and find hard to swim,

But this swim is our empowerment.

My smiles

Now I can’t smile,

When I see others’ smile,

If they are no more pleasant

To me, or to my eyes-

If I smile, it is artificial,

But not unreal,

For I smile to make them smile,

For my smile lights them up,

Even though I think my smile,

I desire the smile I see;

But it’s a mere duty,

Of a human,

And not of heart.

So my smile, I tell

Is painted in my mind,

Right when I see you,

For my mortal heart desires

Happiness, all around,

Even if not within.

I think!

The more and more I think,

The often times I blink,

Which part of me, I know not,

Has left my skills to rot,

That now I forget the sweet song,

Instead my heart beats- throng,

And my humane powers sink;

That now I often think,

To develop a fresh bunch of flowers,

In the new placid bowers,

And I transport my belongings,

And I fly there with new wings,

And I write new fairy tales,

Of love between sharks and whales,

Of the eternal love of Sea and Sun,

And let you see, how far I run.