Eyes can hardly stay wide open anymore. Even though hunger does not disturb me, this wait is too tiring and too long. 

I wanted to tell him then and there, but was so dumbstruck. And that I have prepared a ton times now, he is making me wait longer and longer. 

I will say him directly, or may be apologize first. It’s so uncertain about his coming, that my anxiety grows like my nails never do, super fast, but heavy on my heart.

……(falls asleep)

…..(after some time, wakes up suddenly)

Ahh! Sleepy bear; always falling on the pillow. (Sees him coming from the kitchen)

Oh! He is here already. What a joke I have made of myself. What do I do now? He must be thinking I am so lazy and stupid to fall asleep just before noon. 

(He comes and sits by her. Nobody speaks for some long time)

I wish he could understand my silence. It’s so awkward now that he is here to start saying anything. 

(He rests his head back on the cushion, closes his eyes for half minute)

His smell. Just his smell, and I could live on this couch my whole life. He looks so peaceful. As though this couch is right in the middle of some serene sea.

(Drops her head on his shoulders; dugs her nose into his neck) 

He doesn’t open his eyes. I can feel he will not open his eyes. He has already seen me, my smile, and my shut eyes. He is the smartest, I know he knows it.

He finally reads my silence. I may now die in this dream.



What courage need I?

If you fall first and call me,

If you announce, to the world

Of your underlying feelings,

Of your beating heart,

That calls my name.

What courage need I?

If no failure is foreseen,

In our alliance;
But let me clear one point,

I shall deny all love I mistake,

If I find no respect,

For me or for you,

In each others heart.
And so shall the love remain,

Void even of the title love.


“You needn’t put my picture there!” she exclaimed.

And his heart smiled more than his lips did. He did not bring new bangles merely because he liked the glitters. Well he did, but not on those bangles, instead in her eyes. He did not bring that picture because she moved in,but because it was always there, even before she thought of this city.

For two years the photograph hanged in his room, and now in the other, where she would stay. He lied, that he got it today. Today, yes, but two years ago.

The room was filled with smiles,and the hearts with hidden feelings on both sides. The story still waiting to unfold and to be told.


Among many inspiring ideas of citizenship, nationalism and development, that our late President A.P.J.Abdul Kalam had shared in his book ‘Turning Points’, I came across this statement which he quotes from Nanaji Deshmukh, “if people fight among each other they have no time for development. They can neither develop themselves nor the community.”

I have found this book really inspiring, as it’s subtitle suggests. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam was a very positive personality, who saw positivity all around himself. He continuously worked for the welfare of India, especially it’s villages, and talked about global citizenship and development in all possible sectors. He is one of the greatest philanthropist, who had an unconditional and eternal love for, and belief in human civilization and it’s development. His book is a mere glance of his glorious personality, which is so plain, pure, natural, optimistic and unbiased. He was a president who firmly believed that Presidency should be kept away from politics, which he practised not being a politician and like a true man inspiring the citizens of the world towards their growth.