Let’s celebrate

I am in crowd yet again,
I don’t blend yet again,
Distant is blur,
And I smile in bluff;

I am in crowd yet again,
Let’s celebrate.



Reverting dirty files of pleasantry,
Every file, menacing due records,
Visiting the threats, I suffered
Even then; in playful ignorance,
Recorded deep, in seas,
Shining oceans, still high and blue,
Eyed my soul, lay blind.

Synopsis (acrostic)

Stealthy imprints of arriving days and nights

Young spirits of passion and colours

Neglected bad wreaths of luck and destiny

Olden myths of moral romance and tragedy

People excluded in general fright;

Susceptible longings and broad weeps

Intimate descriptions of lost regrets, follows consolation

Scrutinizing dead peels of compromises, in past!