Eyes can hardly stay wide open anymore. Even though hunger does not disturb me, this wait is too tiring and too long. 

I wanted to tell him then and there, but was so dumbstruck. And that I have prepared a ton times now, he is making me wait longer and longer. 

I will say him directly, or may be apologize first. It’s so uncertain about his coming, that my anxiety grows like my nails never do, super fast, but heavy on my heart.

……(falls asleep)

…..(after some time, wakes up suddenly)

Ahh! Sleepy bear; always falling on the pillow. (Sees him coming from the kitchen)

Oh! He is here already. What a joke I have made of myself. What do I do now? He must be thinking I am so lazy and stupid to fall asleep just before noon. 

(He comes and sits by her. Nobody speaks for some long time)

I wish he could understand my silence. It’s so awkward now that he is here to start saying anything. 

(He rests his head back on the cushion, closes his eyes for half minute)

His smell. Just his smell, and I could live on this couch my whole life. He looks so peaceful. As though this couch is right in the middle of some serene sea.

(Drops her head on his shoulders; dugs her nose into his neck) 

He doesn’t open his eyes. I can feel he will not open his eyes. He has already seen me, my smile, and my shut eyes. He is the smartest, I know he knows it.

He finally reads my silence. I may now die in this dream.


“You needn’t put my picture there!” she exclaimed.

And his heart smiled more than his lips did. He did not bring new bangles merely because he liked the glitters. Well he did, but not on those bangles, instead in her eyes. He did not bring that picture because she moved in,but because it was always there, even before she thought of this city.

For two years the photograph hanged in his room, and now in the other, where she would stay. He lied, that he got it today. Today, yes, but two years ago.

The room was filled with smiles,and the hearts with hidden feelings on both sides. The story still waiting to unfold and to be told.


Those bright red pigments
Which beautify foreheads
Will things and colours change
Through this change of surname
Will Independent she accept
Those dominates of love
When though love shall flourish
And those vermilion shall shine
But why on her fair skin
To imprint so positive stain
And add holiness and faiths
On her soul and blind mind
Can this be deceased to equal
Those pair of swans!

Pearl – Fiction(part two)

Pearl was a modern, fresh minded young  woman, when he saw her, and he instantly decided that she will be his life partner for all ages. After two months of marriage, he took her to the mesmerizing landscape of his origin place. Here, they lived together for forty years. They grew old together. But there was some mysterious charm on his face, which never faded, except for on his death day.

They had no children. He never made her feel the absence of it. They flourished and their love grew more and more strong with every touch they shared.

She could never suspect the mystery which involved him, and which he involved her into. His gestures were full of human affections. An unimaginable aura of enigma, in which he swam, with high spirits. He had foreseen, all his lives with her. But he made her suffer between these ages of his. Even when he came together with her, she would struggle to remind him. And still she knew not how long, and how many ages would she wait to reunite with him.

Pain (oh! I wish you heard me seriously!!!){Micro-fiction}

“A question often arises in me. Are you able to answer it?

“If yes, please do answer me.

“Well! Why have I found it easy (almost always), to leave you rather than live with you. This not specifically to my personal interest, but yes, this idea does come as the first idea. Especially when there are painful differences between us, or, our environments.

“It seems smooth to separate and cry in pain, rather than fight or develop indifference between us. Bring sourness to our relationship, our marriage. To grow regretful of our love. I can’t even imagine how terrible and horrific it would be, to think of you as some insensitive, dominating, loveless man.

“But yet I must admit that though  I sound a little insensitive, I would resolve (after abandoning us) to still lay intoxicated in your love. Crying over and over, in your memory. You being my man forever. Where I can remember you in romantic moments much more, and less in despair.

“I would sacrifice like an Indian woman, still denying to suffer like one. But all I would do, would be for the beauty of our relation. I would love you like an western woman, with all desire and passion, as your most faithful wife. I would leave everything, if you would ask me to (conditions, that they be in your true benefit).



“Do you hear me?”


“Yes! Now will you shut up, and kiss me again?”

the delusion of being loved

My heart pampers her. It knows, how she feels! But I am drawn by my love. I am unable to restrict it.

She has told me often, that I need not be so formal with her; I need not care and think and worry about her, so much. I can’t explain her, that I put no effort. Its all within me, ever since my heart was lost to her. I often put her in those awkward situations, when I am unable to reason my worries, and she is unable to understand them.

Lately, I had a fight with a friend, who questioned of her job and her foolishness of falling in THIS pit. It was an emergency; she could have done nothing. She was not selfish to drag me into this. She was helpless for both of us. Her signature on the consent slip, saved us.

In fact, if people knew what was hidden inside me, they would think I am selfish. I am not. I know I am not! But I have no courage; neither to announce my hidden toy, nor to reason my selflessness in this matter.

Often I think , that I am cheating her. I may not actually deserve the esteem she has put me into. It is simply the most purest emotion, my love, whose slave I often become. Something, she has the least notion of.

She seldom confesses her problems to me; in an awkward fear, that, I burden her by these unnecessary  favours. It was very difficult, until now, that I have convinced her to not record my favours, for they are not favours…… just…..friendship….


when she was breathing, deep in her dreams; she could suddenly feel something on her lips. her unconscious mind could picture his lips, and her subconscious mind read it was true.

he deliberately kissed her. a violent, energetic oneness. till it broke her sleep and made him awake.

like remains of a sweet dream, he drew back. and now she faced the sunlight , which came from behind him, out of the morning window. they rise their crystal pairs, to find answers. answers which exist in the tiny gaps between their bodies.

she knows, his feelings are mature than hers, yet are raw. which is why he is embarrassed  to embrace her.

the night had its own jollity, when darkness gave courage. but now the light was asking for its part of valour.