Ode to the little storm

You can push my clothes,
You can push my hair,
You can push the curtain away;
But my body remains erect,
My vision remains erect,
And you can’t push them in anyway.
I do like you fierce,
But fierce will not scratch me,
It may move me good,
If my will wills,
It may raise me high,
If my mind is.
But you are sweet,
Like the salt of humidity,
Your little caresses and kisses,
Like the child’s swing in sky,
Conditioning my mind and heart,
Remitting the day’s effort,
Undoing the clandestine meet with the sun;
Your breath blows unhackneyed each time,
Renewing passions of inner me.
Should I fight you or love?
Breathe you or live you?
Should I dance or meditate,
Smile or lose my mind;
Where do you come,
You are neoteric,
To love,
To peace,
To life,
To me.



When I wanted to write you,

Works at hand were plenty,

And you invaded them but hopelessly;

The bitten thumb nail,

Irregular near the middle,

Catches my eye and fixes my thought,

On the thoughts flowing in sweety dream,

Day dreaming I do in day, 

And in evening and before I sleep,

For that is where I find you,

Playing in my absence with looks

That will steal.
No more stealthy kisses,

No more discreet fondling,

No more hiding hearts, inside the little jewellery box,

Come face to face and tell the world,

Where your sweet heart’s name is printed,

On the cover of flesh, that is called mortal heart,

Where a black colourful sign shines,

Show me at least, if not the sign,

But the watery eyes.


The vast sky once told me, ‘I am out of everybody’s reach. None can ever catch me.

‘I am pompous because I am larger than your eyes go..

‘None can catch me, because I am not on a run.

‘I am still, even when the sun blazes through me, 

‘The heat passes, but I never stays, I do not let myself burn,

‘You want to touch these clouds?

‘They go, where I go; to every place that is unaffected by other’s emotions,

‘Your envious lust can be fulfilled, you can yourself become the sky,

‘What others say, let it pass through you, let the light glow your cheeks, but never do let the anger and fire reside in you.

‘Be a medium, and gain in the process’


​The page ended before the word,

Before the idea,

And I always could turn the page;

I didn’t,

I tore it apart,

It was rage,

I hated the incomplete sound

Of the word,

The idea.

The flow was awkwardly broken,

My thoughts and peace were shattered.

And the plain cruel page,

One side full of ink blue stains,

Lied crumpled and suppressed.

Reflecting on her 

She spoke so truly

With openness and honesty;

No, not just the truth

But the bravery of standing out, 

As she wanted to, as everybody wants to. 

Ahead of her times, she was an old child;

Innocently honest and carefree, 

Like her no one should ever grow. 

We believe, we read, we discuss, 

Frankness and new ideas, 

Definition of new morality, 

Rising from the Conservative hypocrisy. 


Why should she not be an idol? 

Why should we not love and admire her? 

Why should we pretend moral, 

When deep down lust overpowers, 

And we pocket our secrets, inside four walls. 

Why should we shame her ways, 

When we all glide on it, 

Beneath our covers of bounded morals. 

Desire and lust are humane, 

And human despises it in society, 

But cherishes in his dreams, 

And on his bed. 

Which new reader and thinker has, 

So much heart, to

Admit the beauty of her life, 

And admit the common-ness, 

Of her curiosity, among

The common hypocrites. 

The wall 

The wall in front of my eyes, 

Has no polka dots, 

No cheerful paint, 

No meaningful art. 

It stands still, 

Hard and erect,

Plain and homely. 

Something my heart can’t be. 

The wall has no holes, 

But my ruddy heart has,

So much has leaked, 

So many emotions, 

Yet I ask and pretend, 

If anybody did hear. 

My wings flutter to tell you, 

My eyes are watery, 

In fear of being, 



Should you choose to stop, 

I cannot encourage;

Should you choose to be fast, 

I am filled with guilt;

Choose what you may, 

I am destined to suffer. 

I will say, I am not sure, 

My heart knows all, 

While happiness shines so clear, 

I fear, 

You would choose to stop, 

For your guilt may sound greater, 

And what my fear may guide, 

Is pain of two lonely hearts. 

Free Bird

Yes, I wish to be a bird, 

A free bird. 

Free of not just the cage, 

Free of being caged. 
I wish freedom, not just to fly, 

I wish to be, 

Free to choose, 

Free to choose to fly, 

Or to choose to sit down. 
I want freedom to choose, 

To be a mother, 

Showering care and warmth to my little eggs, 

Or to be a father, 

Bravely flying to high skies and deep grounds for their food. 
I want freedom to choose, 

Being active or idle. 

Being responsible or independent. 
I want freedom to choose, 

Flying in the same sky, 

Or to dream of more colourful skies.
I want freedom of walking alone, 

Of ignoring taboo questions of my flock,

To fly and rest on my insight, 

To live life like the flow of wind, 

And not of obvious unconscious cycles of karma. 



I confess.

I have been lying.

Don’t know for how long;


The good news is,

I am no more lying to myself.

I am lying to her.


I confess.

I am lying to her,

False future promises?

May be!

I don’t know what the future might get.


If it does things in my favour,


May be!

It will anyhow break me.

But, oh!

I am not a six year old.

She remembers this,

I guess I have forgotten.

Pity on me.

I am not the same.

I am not ideal.

I have been lying,

Don’t know for how long.

Cooking and cleaning,

She knows I can’t.

But she doesn’t give up,

On me,

She teaches me.

But, oh!

I am not learning it.

I can’t.

I have been lying,

But not to myself;

To her.

I am guilty I know,

I couldn’t become what I ought to have;

What the daily soaps show.

Pity on me.

I am not the same.

I am not ideal.

I have been lying,

Don’t know for how long.


What courage need I?

If you fall first and call me,

If you announce, to the world

Of your underlying feelings,

Of your beating heart,

That calls my name.

What courage need I?

If no failure is foreseen,

In our alliance;
But let me clear one point,

I shall deny all love I mistake,

If I find no respect,

For me or for you,

In each others heart.
And so shall the love remain,

Void even of the title love.