Sugar smile

Miles and miles of smiles,

And yet, a yet comes;

Don’t you think again twice,

It’s not you who I touch,

It is the smell I just breathed out,

The sweat my tongue imagined.

Smile again and again but see,

No sugars are returned to me,

Red eyes too are left unanswered,

Unattended, unheard, ignored.

No way there is to sleep silently.


The vast sky once told me, ‘I am out of everybody’s reach. None can ever catch me.

‘I am pompous because I am larger than your eyes go..

‘None can catch me, because I am not on a run.

‘I am still, even when the sun blazes through me, 

‘The heat passes, but I never stays, I do not let myself burn,

‘You want to touch these clouds?

‘They go, where I go; to every place that is unaffected by other’s emotions,

‘Your envious lust can be fulfilled, you can yourself become the sky,

‘What others say, let it pass through you, let the light glow your cheeks, but never do let the anger and fire reside in you.

‘Be a medium, and gain in the process’

Free Bird

Yes, I wish to be a bird, 

A free bird. 

Free of not just the cage, 

Free of being caged. 
I wish freedom, not just to fly, 

I wish to be, 

Free to choose, 

Free to choose to fly, 

Or to choose to sit down. 
I want freedom to choose, 

To be a mother, 

Showering care and warmth to my little eggs, 

Or to be a father, 

Bravely flying to high skies and deep grounds for their food. 
I want freedom to choose, 

Being active or idle. 

Being responsible or independent. 
I want freedom to choose, 

Flying in the same sky, 

Or to dream of more colourful skies.
I want freedom of walking alone, 

Of ignoring taboo questions of my flock,

To fly and rest on my insight, 

To live life like the flow of wind, 

And not of obvious unconscious cycles of karma. 


My search of friendship,

Is disappointment;

My search of completeness,

Is a disappointment;

Because I search here,

In the giant outside world,

Among different people,

Who are not like me,

Not like a part of me.

I like their body,

Because it’s not a hide like their heart;

I like their smiles,

Because they look same as mine.

But what is in there?

And what in me I wish is?

I think they don’t match,

They are so different.

So why do I care,

Really care,

To look into refuge as them;

Let me then look into myself,

Where I have already found you,

Found my soothing refuge in you.

And let me then

Dance at every disappointed beat,

To remind myself

Your presence;

And in your wait,

Your painful absence.

Black and White City..

In the black and white city,

I see more black in day,

In the fine sunshine, pretty,

Polluted all winter and May,

Black and fast and blind, 

Is what in a Day I find.

In the black and white city,

I see more white in night,

Between the twinkling lights, pretty,

That men amongst less fight,

While most devils lay asleep,

And cold stays their whip.


“You needn’t put my picture there!” she exclaimed.

And his heart smiled more than his lips did. He did not bring new bangles merely because he liked the glitters. Well he did, but not on those bangles, instead in her eyes. He did not bring that picture because she moved in,but because it was always there, even before she thought of this city.

For two years the photograph hanged in his room, and now in the other, where she would stay. He lied, that he got it today. Today, yes, but two years ago.

The room was filled with smiles,and the hearts with hidden feelings on both sides. The story still waiting to unfold and to be told.

I think!

The more and more I think,

The often times I blink,

Which part of me, I know not,

Has left my skills to rot,

That now I forget the sweet song,

Instead my heart beats- throng,

And my humane powers sink;

That now I often think,

To develop a fresh bunch of flowers,

In the new placid bowers,

And I transport my belongings,

And I fly there with new wings,

And I write new fairy tales,

Of love between sharks and whales,

Of the eternal love of Sea and Sun,

And let you see, how far I run.


Yet I know,

I cried again,

Questioned weary questions, again;

Again my eyes danced,

Wet in denser tears,

Which flows not like a river,

But that fall, high above ground,

Blurry to naked eyes,

Drowned in mist,

Mistaken as beauty;

For what beauty lies in pain,

And what pain lies in young mountains?


In middle

My love lies in between,
Your false promises,
And my dreams of fairy land;
Crushed and glued several times,
It smells my heart still,
And colourful air is spread,
Redness of your love near me.
And my eyes have all turned black,
Unbiased and unpremeditated,
All looks same and all looks clear,
But your eyes are just not black, 
Black enough to discard judgements,
And own a mad person,
Like yourself, you are hiding within;
Scared you are of me, and scared is your heart, of love.