I wish for rain

I wish it could rain now,

I wish I could bath in the fierce showers of this city;

My wishes are pity,

I have no courage to risk sickness,

I have no heart to moisten again, so soon;

I just still want the rain,

I want just as much,

As much as I feel right now,

As much as I take in right now,

Still, just as much love.

Unoffered, be it,

I will absorb as much;

For though laughs are running away,

I am keeping some heart to smile,

To render some space to this sadness,

To lighten the straining eyes,

To blush and rejuvenate the cheek-flesh,

To open my ears to his music,

To open my heart a little,

To offer some reward for my ache.

Just as much rain,

Still as much love.