My throat is dry and wet,
All, the same time,
I am not sad,
I may be happy.
My moist lips are numb,
Sane, but numb.

Still moist, feeling full and less.
The end of the beginning.

I do not grasp,
If I am still thirsty
Or, have murdered my thirst,
It is not meaningless,
I know not, if
It means to me;

I know not if it is a fling,
Just, a fling,
Or more,
Or less,
Or something else.


Bed and Blanket

Bed and blanket,
Love of my life,
When I am stuck,
In stinking heat,
Or near windy window;

Heart and mind,
All my sight,
Moves to the stray dog:
How he sleeps,
In the middle of the day,
A bed of cool mud,
A blanket of lofty bushes,
He found a sweet retreat,
When the whole world is in chaos.

I envy,
I wish,
I was equated to the dog,
So I could also slip,
Below the little gap,
And take a long nap.

Man ke raste

Tu kyun rasta dekhe?

Tera vahan kaun hai?

Kis pahiya ka tujhe intazaar hai?

Kyun har mod par umeed tikai hai?

Dil ko na, dimag ko na kaha tune,

Ab kis hain ka pegaam ana baki hai?

Kyun nahi man ek taraf jhuk jata?

Kyun ye muskilein,

Kiski hain yeh muskilein?

Aur hain bhi kiske liye?

Tune to na rakhin vo saugatein,

Phir yeh halki becheni kyun?

Kyun man nahi manta?

Na hann, na nah.


What prickles me is your thought,

When in every moment you are sought;

I wonder how you don’t see,

And just not answer my plea,

Or do you see and discard,

Is it easy or very hard?

I have million heart beats spent,

While you ignore and play indifferent:

My furies are mountain high,

Until you send me just a sigh,

Which melts my heart in an instant,

For me only are you meant?


Continuous murmur,
Chirping, gossiping,
Simply sounds.
Not a word reaches my ear,
Not a distinguished syllable:
But sounds.
Noices and crowd,
Everyone talking,
Everyone listening,
Everyone is here.
In this present space,
In this room,
Physically and mentally;
Except for me.
I am out there,
In the lawns
That is see through my window,
And in the house
I don’t see through my window.
I am somewhere,
Out of this room,
Out of this space,
Out of the collective sounds.
I am again looking for you,
Looking at you,
You would be there,
You would be visible:
You would also
Leave your room,
Leave the noise and crowd,
And join me
In these lawns,
Or in that house,
Or somewhere else.