Drumbeats heartbeats

​Drum beats like my heartbeat,

Fast, slow, sometimes in sync,

And then the trick of music,

My heart dances like it’s not my own.

Crowd and loud,

Vibrating the walls,

A little less magical,

Than I thought.

My heart is less my own,

My heart was sleeping,

Sleeping and snoring,

Like slow foot taps,

But the music beats,

Shakes my heart,

And my eyes pop out.


Broken my heart

​Today, I have broken my own heart,


And now I know,

It will never mend to the same,

It never does:

Every time I snap my heart,

It changes, never to be the same again.

I have broken my heart often,

And it’s heartbreaking,


I cannot reverse it,

I cannot not know it,

It stays here,

Longer than I want it to stay,

It stays