Have you read The Ministry of Utmost Happiness yet?

I don’t do much book reviews, but then this is definitely a special book. A must read it is, but it’s more than that. 

The narrative is Roy’s genius, it’s scattered, tangled at some points and it’s as much complete as it is incomplete. She tells everything about everyone and yet the reader has the full opportunity to make meanings out of it. Every read will feel new.

The choice of characters, or rather as she says, the characters that chose her to tell us their stories are so unique and yet so realistic. 

The book is such a beautiful paradox. It is about various outcasts, and their chaotic journey to Roy’s ministry of hope and happiness. Characters that will live upon you for the a long long time. 

I found it simpler than her first fiction. That makes it easy for everyone who needs a new pill of reading delight. It is an experience that will make you happy, scared, confused, hopeful, amused and shocked.

I am

We seldom remember to ponder,

Over the crowd that crowds us in,

The bunch that gulps us now and then,

Demands more than a lover does,

The crowd that is rarely our own,

That which pushes us into a grid,

And I always wished to push this grid back,

To tell to the crowd, that I am not black,

I am not white,

I am grey,

I am blue and I am yellow,

I am so much more than even I know,

I am selfish and insecure,

And I sometimes laugh at others,

I am good and kind unintentionally,

And I am all that I have heard and seen.

I am predictable and harsh,

I am unique and unheard,

I hate when the crowd pushes me,

To became a fixed expression,

I am shades and hues of all colours,

I am man and animal,

And I wish I remain all I am.