The vast sky once told me, ‘I am out of everybody’s reach. None can ever catch me.

‘I am pompous because I am larger than your eyes go..

‘None can catch me, because I am not on a run.

‘I am still, even when the sun blazes through me, 

‘The heat passes, but I never stays, I do not let myself burn,

‘You want to touch these clouds?

‘They go, where I go; to every place that is unaffected by other’s emotions,

‘Your envious lust can be fulfilled, you can yourself become the sky,

‘What others say, let it pass through you, let the light glow your cheeks, but never do let the anger and fire reside in you.

‘Be a medium, and gain in the process’


Death awaits..

I do not know what place is this,

Where my heart and head has stopped,

When and why, I know although

But they are all long gone,

What remains and what remained,

Is you and your tireless universe,

My fanatic wait, and your dreamy lust,

My sleepy eyes, and your cunning heart,

My human breath, your divine desires,

All reserved in the green envy,

Warmth hangs like clinging chains,

And rich fragrance aches every tissue,

Death awaits in both wilds,

And I chose one terror over another.

Before Death Arrives..

My mind’s not empty,

Nor is it filled of you,

But of barks of tiredness

Between, a few flowers

Of real happiness lie;

Even though I speak not,

Even though I do not hear,

My mind echoes in talks 

Of mere young problems;

Even through crowd.

It is a busy city of noises,

Imaginations and more,

Fights at all squares,

Among people of same land,

And water, and air.

It tries to wear a hide,

Tight enough to cease

The pain, these echoes give;

And lie in utter peace, once,

Before death arrives.


In the silent, late midnight,

From noises of far air,

To stable frames on the wall,

From little presence of the world,

To the vast warmth of my blanket,

From my light eyelashes,

To my aching neck back,

Everything I dismiss,

Everything shall we devoid of me;

But you must come swimming

Into my dreams,

When I fall easy asleep.


In search of you,

In day and in night,

In the silent crowd 

And the excited sleep,

Image and imagination,

You are beyond my real world,

My limbs and my eye shutters,

In action, in ambition,

In midst of dawdling,

Illusion of horizon-less sky,

Illusion of rain of kisses,

While lips are yet dry;

Medium of time and future,

Travelling to another time,

Breathing the cold

And feeling the warm,

All mixed platforms,

My body and soul at fight.


Eyes can hardly stay wide open anymore. Even though hunger does not disturb me, this wait is too tiring and too long. 

I wanted to tell him then and there, but was so dumbstruck. And that I have prepared a ton times now, he is making me wait longer and longer. 

I will say him directly, or may be apologize first. It’s so uncertain about his coming, that my anxiety grows like my nails never do, super fast, but heavy on my heart.

……(falls asleep)

…..(after some time, wakes up suddenly)

Ahh! Sleepy bear; always falling on the pillow. (Sees him coming from the kitchen)

Oh! He is here already. What a joke I have made of myself. What do I do now? He must be thinking I am so lazy and stupid to fall asleep just before noon. 

(He comes and sits by her. Nobody speaks for some long time)

I wish he could understand my silence. It’s so awkward now that he is here to start saying anything. 

(He rests his head back on the cushion, closes his eyes for half minute)

His smell. Just his smell, and I could live on this couch my whole life. He looks so peaceful. As though this couch is right in the middle of some serene sea.

(Drops her head on his shoulders; dugs her nose into his neck) 

He doesn’t open his eyes. I can feel he will not open his eyes. He has already seen me, my smile, and my shut eyes. He is the smartest, I know he knows it.

He finally reads my silence. I may now die in this dream.

Remembering like prayer

I thought about him all day,

Remembering like prayer,

In fear if he disappears:

And tired at night

I took a break,

Sang him as a lullaby,

Slept in his dreamy arms;

It lasted not a sand second,

As he flew haunting my dreams;

Day in and day out,

All night in the blank land,

His tune plays

Like drug in the head,

Aching medicine to ache.