The world I live in,
Where we shall
One day, meet,
Is a stage,
Full of players,
And void of play;

It’s a chaos,
All around and within,
There is dream,
And a dream breaker,
Both men of same colour,

Pulling and twisting
Delicate muscles,
And are void of feeling;
For I breathe the ache,
Day in and out,
Like madman.

Kill me, or kill my hopes,
Shallow as it seems,
Doubt and courage,
And confusion I suffer;
We shall suffer too,
Suffer the chaos.


‚ÄčThese noises are farce,

Like bees humming recklessly,

A lone me, surrounded

By walls and windows,

And all around outside,

Somebody is banging the doors,

Clapping, and a shrill laugh,

Thick manly voices,

From necks of colourful women,

A chaos of happiness;

And I sit with a faint smile,

An inner laugh,

And eyes flipping in dismay.