Love me

Love me a little better, 

Will you?

When you are less busy,

Less trapped;

Love me in the little moments,

For a breath in and breath out,

Love me if you can, can

Forget where I stand;

Love me a little daily,

In every flutter of your eyes,

Just a pinch fraction of each second,

Love me from the part in you

That is not in use.

Love me if you dare

To be a little more tired;

Love me for my thirst,

That doesn’t die.

Sanity is hard to keep

The circle doesn’t start,
It moves circular all the time,
So I am on that point again,
Where I have been

Sanity is so sad,
I forgot what I did,
It maybe the circle again,
Oh! Poor me.

Huger is healed,
Ache is taken care of,
Pressure is untouched,
But emotions overflow,
Flow and flow,
And blow my sanity away;

And I write this with
My sanity, a little
Little that I saved,

Help in emergency denied,
Oh my insane mind,
Stop the tug of war,
Stop, or I sleep.

Open eyes

My eyes are wide open,
I am not dead,
Not yet;

The picture is colour,
Pink, red and blue,
Fade and fine all together;

But I see bright sunshine yellow,
Milky pastel purple,
I see grey black and grey pink,
I don’t see them differently,
Not blended, not unique,
Not together, not divorced,

They are oil, and paste,
Thick and slippery,
One pallet and one figure,
But not one colour.

It’s me, it’s you,
And there are my colourless wicked clothes,
My wise fragrant books,
The furniture of my dinning hall;

There is everything in this bowl,
All colours, all shades,
All of me,
In the empty pallet,
In the colourless colourful bowl.