I don’t know

What, held me captive

For so many years;

Which feature of yours

Took my breath, 

Made my heart skip beats;

But alas, it’s lost now, 

The unknown charm 

Of your air has flown away;

I laugh at my ignorance, 

And smile at the power 

Of its presence. 

But my eyes see no more, 

My heart beat doesn’t skip

A bit; I am free, 

Of the intoxicating love, 

Blind charm, youthful captivity. 

A last remedy I still suggest, 

Be my friend, for that

Is what, I feel. 


Reflecting on herĀ 

She spoke so truly

With openness and honesty;

No, not just the truth

But the bravery of standing out, 

As she wanted to, as everybody wants to. 

Ahead of her times, she was an old child;

Innocently honest and carefree, 

Like her no one should ever grow. 

We believe, we read, we discuss, 

Frankness and new ideas, 

Definition of new morality, 

Rising from the Conservative hypocrisy. 


Why should she not be an idol? 

Why should we not love and admire her? 

Why should we pretend moral, 

When deep down lust overpowers, 

And we pocket our secrets, inside four walls. 

Why should we shame her ways, 

When we all glide on it, 

Beneath our covers of bounded morals. 

Desire and lust are humane, 

And human despises it in society, 

But cherishes in his dreams, 

And on his bed. 

Which new reader and thinker has, 

So much heart, to

Admit the beauty of her life, 

And admit the common-ness, 

Of her curiosity, among

The common hypocrites.