Even when I got so many a friend,

I ask, who is a friend? 

What is a friend? 

All those I call friend, or 

Those who return the same title to me, 

Are all those my friends? 

Friend is divine and eternal, 

Unconditional and love, 

Friend is every good in a human. 

So who this good is in me? 

Or near me? 

Do get a glass for me, 

That clarifies a person, a friend,

How easy it will be. 


The wall 

The wall in front of my eyes, 

Has no polka dots, 

No cheerful paint, 

No meaningful art. 

It stands still, 

Hard and erect,

Plain and homely. 

Something my heart can’t be. 

The wall has no holes, 

But my ruddy heart has,

So much has leaked, 

So many emotions, 

Yet I ask and pretend, 

If anybody did hear. 

My wings flutter to tell you, 

My eyes are watery, 

In fear of being, 



Should you choose to stop, 

I cannot encourage;

Should you choose to be fast, 

I am filled with guilt;

Choose what you may, 

I am destined to suffer. 

I will say, I am not sure, 

My heart knows all, 

While happiness shines so clear, 

I fear, 

You would choose to stop, 

For your guilt may sound greater, 

And what my fear may guide, 

Is pain of two lonely hearts. 

Free Bird

Yes, I wish to be a bird, 

A free bird. 

Free of not just the cage, 

Free of being caged. 
I wish freedom, not just to fly, 

I wish to be, 

Free to choose, 

Free to choose to fly, 

Or to choose to sit down. 
I want freedom to choose, 

To be a mother, 

Showering care and warmth to my little eggs, 

Or to be a father, 

Bravely flying to high skies and deep grounds for their food. 
I want freedom to choose, 

Being active or idle. 

Being responsible or independent. 
I want freedom to choose, 

Flying in the same sky, 

Or to dream of more colourful skies.
I want freedom of walking alone, 

Of ignoring taboo questions of my flock,

To fly and rest on my insight, 

To live life like the flow of wind, 

And not of obvious unconscious cycles of karma.