You do nothing, we say;

You only eat that we cook,

Only wear what we wash.

We are the new feminists,

We love our girls,

But we don’t find any use for you.

You and we are not equals anymore,

You have all fallen behind,

For we are now open winged birds,

With a heavy backpack of responsibilities.

We empower ourselves,

When we learn driving,

And sadly avoid cleaning;

We share your financial responsibility,

For we pronounce ourselves independent,

And besides struggle to keep,

The old domestic chores intact.

Sadly, yes sadly, we sing songs of freedom,

And strength, by weakening ourselves again;

In stress we dive and find hard to swim,

But this swim is our empowerment.


My search of friendship,

Is disappointment;

My search of completeness,

Is a disappointment;

Because I search here,

In the giant outside world,

Among different people,

Who are not like me,

Not like a part of me.

I like their body,

Because it’s not a hide like their heart;

I like their smiles,

Because they look same as mine.

But what is in there?

And what in me I wish is?

I think they don’t match,

They are so different.

So why do I care,

Really care,

To look into refuge as them;

Let me then look into myself,

Where I have already found you,

Found my soothing refuge in you.

And let me then

Dance at every disappointed beat,

To remind myself

Your presence;

And in your wait,

Your painful absence.

My smiles

Now I can’t smile,

When I see others’ smile,

If they are no more pleasant

To me, or to my eyes-

If I smile, it is artificial,

But not unreal,

For I smile to make them smile,

For my smile lights them up,

Even though I think my smile,

I desire the smile I see;

But it’s a mere duty,

Of a human,

And not of heart.

So my smile, I tell

Is painted in my mind,

Right when I see you,

For my mortal heart desires

Happiness, all around,

Even if not within.