I planned it right,

All I needed was those kisses,

All I wanted was those kisses;

Now my heart asks you, why?

Why did your heart, pain,

Why did your lips strain,

The way they never did before.

Where lied the problem,

That you moisture lips, do mind,

To water my lips, 

So dry; to die?

Those kisses, and their hopes,

Pumped the blood of my heart,

And now the blood runs dark and dry,

That you, to me deny,

My rightful kisses.

The smell of your lips,

The warmth of your breath,

The beating breast beneath,

All died in the one sigh.

I never felt so void,

So lack of life,

That it looks you took my breath,

With my rights as a gift,

So, what do I do now?

That I failed to change your heart,

That I failed to change my heart.