Black and White City..

In the black and white city,

I see more black in day,

In the fine sunshine, pretty,

Polluted all winter and May,

Black and fast and blind, 

Is what in a Day I find.

In the black and white city,

I see more white in night,

Between the twinkling lights, pretty,

That men amongst less fight,

While most devils lay asleep,

And cold stays their whip.


“You needn’t put my picture there!” she exclaimed.

And his heart smiled more than his lips did. He did not bring new bangles merely because he liked the glitters. Well he did, but not on those bangles, instead in her eyes. He did not bring that picture because she moved in,but because it was always there, even before she thought of this city.

For two years the photograph hanged in his room, and now in the other, where she would stay. He lied, that he got it today. Today, yes, but two years ago.

The room was filled with smiles,and the hearts with hidden feelings on both sides. The story still waiting to unfold and to be told.

I think!

The more and more I think,

The often times I blink,

Which part of me, I know not,

Has left my skills to rot,

That now I forget the sweet song,

Instead my heart beats- throng,

And my humane powers sink;

That now I often think,

To develop a fresh bunch of flowers,

In the new placid bowers,

And I transport my belongings,

And I fly there with new wings,

And I write new fairy tales,

Of love between sharks and whales,

Of the eternal love of Sea and Sun,

And let you see, how far I run.


Among many inspiring ideas of citizenship, nationalism and development, that our late President A.P.J.Abdul Kalam had shared in his book ‘Turning Points’, I came across this statement which he quotes from Nanaji Deshmukh, “if people fight among each other they have no time for development. They can neither develop themselves nor the community.”

I have found this book really inspiring, as it’s subtitle suggests. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam was a very positive personality, who saw positivity all around himself. He continuously worked for the welfare of India, especially it’s villages, and talked about global citizenship and development in all possible sectors. He is one of the greatest philanthropist, who had an unconditional and eternal love for, and belief in human civilization and it’s development. His book is a mere glance of his glorious personality, which is so plain, pure, natural, optimistic and unbiased. He was a president who firmly believed that Presidency should be kept away from politics, which he practised not being a politician and like a true man inspiring the citizens of the world towards their growth.