Midnight snore

I am sleeping,
But above
The fan runs,
Than my eyes,
Or my thoughts.
I am sleeping,
But my
Phone shines,
Twinkles in
Drop by drop,
Everything falls.
I am sleeping,
But the cricket,
Sings in dark
Faint noises,
The presence of
So small.
I am sleeping,
And yet,
The moon bright
Like white satin
Throws its,
Moonlight, dim, but,
Fair on half earth.
I am sleeping,
And so is my mom,
And my dad, brother,
And sister,
Snoring in deep
Lies the dark night.


Guilty Or Not Guilty

Drunk in lies of pleasure, and satisfaction in low,
My mind swung to the other side, in tempest flow;
Clinging to the crime, these darkness still show,
In pits of vulgar humanity, I let myself grow. 

I reap in ambiguous shade, the rotten fruits of pleasure,
I looted an innocent of her innocence and treasure;
My mind skipped senses, and acted in mere pressure,
As father I smiled and covered beastly gesture.

When head ached hard, my heart swelled fast,
My eyes wide in shame, stole moments of last
Night, a gloomy state rolled a mistake aghast;
And ruined my noble moralities of past.

Social stature was damned, from a fake high,
My esteem in confidence became a mere lie,
I am left devastated, in my self made sigh,
Why should the world not wish I die?

For I have more than killed, and been demonized;
For this my body, my soul shall also be prized,
My name and knowledge, my family be despised,
I shall fall to heat and blood, unsurprised.

P. S. Original idea and theme of the poem is not mine.

Equal sides of a triangle

Admired, O dear distracting soul,
I know not then what you stole:
For I have found, my three side,
Where in every dust you reside;
My heart is full of memories,
Often which I reminisce,
And my mind is on your track,
With your thoughts in pack,
And the third remains my soul,
That is what you stole,
And paired forever, in pair
With your soul and face, fair.

Black Demon Eyes

Your sooty eyes are shine less,
They are dry and dark like sky
At midnight, far from moon,
Beneath your bed they lie.

Silent still in lightless lifeless,
Dust grown paths, beyond,
Swallow they seem, as I stand
Shallow they don’t respond.

Drowning ecstasy, now heartless
Stares demon eyes in me,
I fear for fear; simpler it looks,
As far to it I be.