Alone I find, in fields of crowd,

The sour breaths of women;

Familiar in sands, everyday

Every hour, of green stood;

And I stood in green,

Not belonging to benches, any;

Besides my heart went pale,

That I show what I not see,

That my expectations,

Are broken,

Or just hurt, but pains

I cannot express in lips;

Are darkening my eyes,

And colourless, yes,

It shone like rain drops,

And wet it could not go.


If you don’t sing tonight

I ask you in holy spirits
If your songs are sung in sane
And are those composed in heaven
Or those that sky gives fain
Sings the damp jolly earth
Cool and cold in rain

But if you not sing tonight
In hours of glowing darkness
To me if you distance
No heavenly express
From shuts of vision and myth
Till morning of new fresh

I shall renew an old day
Of differences in love past
Lying alone on islands or moor
On owning upon a land in vast
In oceans of blue love
Of your eternal quest asked

But still if you hear no plead
If you don’t limit to sing
I would, in arms of warmth
Conceal you in all spring
Boost my love and courage
Dressed to you I shall bring!

Love Tangle

Hardships and time grow together,
That each one looses a chance,
But love would tangle, all together
And none other but lover, would finance;
In warm arms and exhales together,
A lover would tangle his mistress,
In feels and desires together,
His fingers against her palms would press.

Those tiny eyes would long for love,
To find in tangles of lust;
Heart would tickle, to arouse love
As equal it was at first.
Covered along his beating love,
Lies a tangled heart, all gay,
On her lips, do find his love,
His bills of moments repay.

modern love

How long have you been burning, in the heart of soul

In the presence of something sacred near

Sacred in the eyes of all mortals of Romeo

Who in modern times have often forgotten to fear

Burning like the air of flammable love, near the source

Frightening the poor wrenched immortal of earth

And of high sky, space and time together

Cured of what he cannot be after birth and rebirth

Of what sermon Romeo and his deceived brothers acted

To do for kids and grown kids of own kind

That failed and sunk in distressed waters of known time

That still if fresh is hopeless to find

For growth did mean to enlighten intellectuals

But fools of love shall remain fooled

Till date that nobody of divinity could teach

To those of hearts by love were ruled

Yet tired wings and feet of beasts still search

The companion to his manipulated fortunes

That he shall still dive in seas of passions

Holding hands and singing tunes

Gap in the rocks


It stood high, proud
Straight and up
Skin shone in sunlight
With life growing upon
Shades of rocks faded
In pattern of liveliness
The dark edges drove
Deep in waters of faith
Strong and tough on wet
Soft scrubs of mid sea soil
And up in near some waves
A big hole engraved
A gap like a door rises
And what passes is breeze
And some rays of sunset
When the sea line meets
And romances the sun

Pearl – Fiction(part four)

Would she wait? Why should she? She should have died at her age. What will she now do?

He had not left her to decide. She found only her wedding dress, new as before, to cover her regenerated naked skin. She could hardly perceive that, this also was pre-designed. She thought she is walking away from his memories and their place. But next she saw her feet still, was on the door of Jesus. She was arrested by his eyes; a young, handsome face, dressed as her groom. But she was uncertain of his face. She had not a faint remembrance of her man’s face. So no question of resemblance was raised.

What took her in? She knew not. They were married, as she had to be, on her twentieth birthday. And with some confused, helpless emotions, she, or for what she thought, had resolved to try her fate. They lived a more happy married life than she before did, or that is what she felt. For she lacked any clear remembrance of her past, but what she could fairly remember was his death, and her forced fate.

She waited for two score years, but in absolute love. She was probably the most fortunate lover, but what love is if there is no separation………..?

To the one word

How deep! Did the one word change,
The civilization in my heart,
How often, does it come to me,
In tiny parts of seconds,
A fulfilled picture and passion,
I cannot really compose.

His whom I named,
With so sacred as mine,
Who like a friend was yet placed,
A friend near to the divine.

Who I loved and love
Will love so long,
That love if not conquered
Shall still blossom as love song.

To whom I credit,
Even if not itself it lies,
The journey of this wait,
And time that hardly flies.

I thought and think, so more
That people get tired in ease;
But to me every new love,
Encourages freshness and please.

Its a past, that never occurred
To the human history,
But those varied accomplishments,
I did complete, in mystery.

Whose name I chant in luck,
In happiness and in pain;
Whom, I fight always
For our private gain.

Whose tears I see ever not,
Who licks my tears away,
To whom I wish to cease in arms,
To whom my words pray!

Cheering in his name,
Lies my life, in certain still,
That I may, in some or other
Way and day, fulfill.

Stop thinking about!

Stop thinking about
Those moments of tears
Which nobody gave
But repeated cries again
And sour prejudices born
Which opposes general law
Puts me in pits of guilt
And increases my spleen
Then weakens me hard
And observes in keen
How he loses and wins
But controls my breath
And ceases my agony