Digging the Truth

In me, if you ever knew

Grew this horrifying thought

Like the way, I am getting indifferent

Growing insane and intolerant

My heart sinking in the cause

For the want in such hopelessness

When change is must, as well unjust!

For he is the knight, in honour,

Of my own and personal opponent

And me, fighting for him, with him

Getting tired of stealing improvements.

I, who want him, and change favourable

I, who is threatened by his absence

Even in light, in day, in gay!

Scared to regret, the change,

And also, often my indifference!

Pain (oh! I wish you heard me seriously!!!){Micro-fiction}

“A question often arises in me. Are you able to answer it?

“If yes, please do answer me.

“Well! Why have I found it easy (almost always), to leave you rather than live with you. This not specifically to my personal interest, but yes, this idea does come as the first idea. Especially when there are painful differences between us, or, our environments.

“It seems smooth to separate and cry in pain, rather than fight or develop indifference between us. Bring sourness to our relationship, our marriage. To grow regretful of our love. I can’t even imagine how terrible and horrific it would be, to think of you as some insensitive, dominating, loveless man.

“But yet I must admit that though  I sound a little insensitive, I would resolve (after abandoning us) to still lay intoxicated in your love. Crying over and over, in your memory. You being my man forever. Where I can remember you in romantic moments much more, and less in despair.

“I would sacrifice like an Indian woman, still denying to suffer like one. But all I would do, would be for the beauty of our relation. I would love you like an western woman, with all desire and passion, as your most faithful wife. I would leave everything, if you would ask me to (conditions, that they be in your true benefit).



“Do you hear me?”


“Yes! Now will you shut up, and kiss me again?”

Fierce rain!

Residing under giant shade

Which covers a thousand me

Yet the land is wet, two steps ahead

With fierce droplets of nocturnal rain

It flows and follows rapidly

With occasions of roar

When huge drops scatter, and are sprinkled

The cloudy sky is dark

The lighted land wet and white

In such crowd of innumerable crystals

Flows the breezy soothing wind.

The howling sound steals the howls of heart

And gifts the red part

A new set of warm thoughts

Of past and present, all happy

And of hopes of shining sunrise

Such minutes seldom comes

When heart is shaken

By the indifferent nature

Its beauty or evil!

My tears lay confused!

maxresdefault (2).jpgBut I didn’t hit

But I am hurt

But I didn’t hit

Anyhow, I am hurt

Again, yet again

My tears lay confused,

Swelling my cheeks.

My tears are unaware

Like me,

They know not how

How to explain

Yet again, I am hurt

It’s not about me

About him,

How ruthless in rage

His rage, yes

No! Does not agitate me

Maybe does, for a moment or two

Or more few

But no it’s not

Rage and furry

My tears are confused

Just like me.

They may show,

But fast they hide, and eliminate

All my red anger and my dry eyes.

Tears follow,

In continuous flow,

What they restrict is my smile;

Which is for someone else

To live, no to live together

My feelings are hurt

Yet again,

My super man,

He is not my super human

He is not my ideal

I am born in other age

Gap is what they say,

I love him for who he is

To me; and how often

He shows how true he can be.

But yet again,

I am hurt,

When I didn’t hit

I am depressed,

From what I shouldn’t be

He is part and important of me

Even if he is not with me

Our differences kill me

An activist I become

To declare him,






And not mine;

Attached to me;

Like I be, to him

Bound of society,

Until where is it real,

Or a flux all along.

I didn’t see it

The traces of his furry

On me, but my soul.

Yes it was attacked, and

Often injured; often.



Will he be sympathetic?

Like before,

And yet again,

He may return

In occasions as this

And I will be hurt


And terrified, scared and little raged.

But I didn’t hit

But I am hurt

But I didn’t hit

And yet again,

I am hurt,

Like ever before and ever,

My tears lay confused,

Swelling my cheeks.


(picture credits: Google)


Sun and his East


They departed, early
In the morning,
Hours after dawn.
He, starts our day
In the latter’s company
And the latter, who
Is seldom paired with other,
Than he.
They walk together for few hours
And the First leaves
The other,
To wait for dusk and
Then new dawn,
Who reflects narrow lights
While He moves on
And away from East
Towards the west
To retire and rest
And in dusk, it shines
Through heavy clusters
Dark and some white,
And before it resigned today,
I observed the timely phenomenon
And hereby recollect and record
In my leisure, the pleasure I saw
When East was clear and blue
While it had been deceived early
And west was dark and cloudy
To reserve the right of Him.
An impossible destiny
As He will travel back
To own his initial stage,
And companion, who waiting
And everyday waits,
For each new springing dawn.



I am a new born lover

Evolving new discreet power

Please publicize, my heart and my mind

While my love has already died,

In picking up his past

And pasting broken parts;

When he was singing, melody and tune

I employed my brain to ruin,

Glittering fairies of love and passion

And other of tiny compassion;

Involved in truth and betrayal

Having fair-unfair trial,

Known not to his silky feel

Of being ruthlessly  evil

Writing my heart out (considering part one)

I am a coward
A scared little calf
Strength at my heart
Is as seldom visitor
Words press me to
Rearrange, matter
Sentenced earlier
In a new violet cream
Bright and light
Filled in real dream
Delicious melting arrangements
Mind blowing stuffed images
All wild and classic
Dark and passionate
With pinch of solidity
Some little oneness
And a bite of strange entity…